• Site survey and preparing the shop drawings.
  • Making of pilot-holes in pavements, streets and gardens for Manholes, Cabinet-holes, Conduit System and Cabinet bases.
  • Digging of construction pits for Manholes, Cabinet-holes and Cabinet bases as well as trenches for Conduit System.
  • Prefabrication of Concrete parts as Manholes, Cabinet-holes, Cabinet bases, etc… with the accessories according to the customer specifications.
  • Casting in site the concrete parts when necessary.
  • Transport and dropping the concrete parts.
  • Digging of conduit system and secondary routes in all type of soil including preparing the jointing pits for the secondary cable splicing.
  • Supply and laying of PVC-Pipes 110 mm diameter. and 55 mm diameter as well as its accessories as bends, spacers, etc.
  • Laying of secondary cables in trenches as well as pulling in PVC-Pipes.
  • Re-leveling of cover frames of Manholes to the new street levels.
  • Repairing the damaged PVC-Pipes in the existing routes and calibrating and inserting the Nylon rope inside the repaired pipes.



  • Executing of all the particular crossings for the primary and secondary networks like :

            – Road crossings  using the drilling / pressing method.

            – Railway crossings  using the drilling / pressing method.

            – Bridge attachment using galvanized steel pipes.

            – Canals / Drainages crossings using the P. E. endless pipes.

            – River crossings using the submarine cables.