v Site Survey and collecting the data.
v Calibrating the existing conduit if required.
v Establishing the shop drawings such as general map, as planning drawings and schematic maps with AutoCAD System.
v Design the telephone network according to the requirements of the customer and collecting the approvals
v Preparing the B.O.Q.
v Supply all the materials for copper cable network if necessary.
v Executing the Civil Works (Digging and manufacture of concrete units)
v Pulling of copper cables, (Capacity 400 pairs up to 2400 pairs in PVC pipes 110 mm diameter.)
v Installation works such as main distribution frame MDF, distribution boxes, joints and cable cabinets.
v Terminating the primary and secondary cables with the exchanges, ONUs or remote cabinets.
v Installation works for the integrated networks between new and existing  networks. (MITT is highly qualified and has a great experience in the cutover works under busy conditions and redistribution the existing networks).
v Measurements of the secondary and primary networks and handing over to the customer.
v After the provisional acceptance, MITT prepares the B.O.M.
v Also MITT has an excellent experience for redistribution of the local existing networks.